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Palembang and Beyond book launched – 14th April

Mike Roussel brings together here a fascinating record of the British Pacific Fleet during the Second World War, in particular the closing years of conflict with Japan and the cruel fate meted out on the ‘Palembang Nine’ after surrender on VJ Day in his new book “Palembang and Beyond”.

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WELGORA and Beaulieu Road pony sales

  Autumn, the time of year for the Beaulieu Road Station pony sales, when Commoners and other horse and pony owners gather to sell their livestock by auction. It’s a good place to buy a New Forest filly or colt, to meet friends or simply to enjoy an atmosphere that is as old as the […]

Maldwin Drummond lifelong supporter of Tall Ships

  The Tall Ships sail training vessel, Challenger 7, graced this year’s Southampton Boat Show with her presence, reminding me of Maldwin Drummond OBE, who is unfortunately not with us any more.             Maldwin was a keen and experienced sailor and a lifelong supporter of Sail Training, instrumental in building the […]

Wizzy and the Seaside Adventure – book launch

On 14th July 2018, a huge crowd gathered at The Point, Eastleigh, for the launch of Wizzy and the Seaside Adventure by author, Anthony Ridgway, and artist, Suzan Houching.  Among those attending were Sheila and David Suchet, Ros Holness and Tina Fanshawe.  Anthony gave a speech full of humour, praising his mother, Grethe, as his […]

Gwenllian the last Princess of Wales was born today

Gwenllian, the last native Princess of Wales, was born on June 12th 1282. Hers was a dramatic entry to this world – her father, Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, was in hiding from King Edward’s men, and her mother, Eleanor de Montfort, died shortly after giving birth. Who was to look after the little princess? In the […]

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