Celia Leofsy

Celia-book-launchCelia Leofsy formed her love of books and storytelling when as a child she lived abroad with very few toys and few companions.

The Company of Goblins is the first of a trilogy of stories for children written and illustrated by Celia Leofsy.

Using her knowledge of the magical folk of Anglo-Saxon myths and ancient Nordic legends, the same Teutonic Mythology followed by the brothers Grimm and J.R.R. Tolkein, Celia develops a complex plot that challenges twelve-year-old Izzy and her cat, Orlando, to solve earthly problems caused by the goblins.

As the title hints, the goblins are trying to take over the world through the company that employs Izzy’s father. At the same time they are trying to dominate the other magical folk by force and persuasion, binding them to slavery by extending credit at extortionate rates. BUT the goblins are not all bad and the other magical folk are not all good – Izzy has to weigh the odds in deciding what to do.

A supporting website www.thecompanyofgoblins.com provides fun things to do, information on the author, book events, the mythology behind the book, and resources for teachers.

See Celia’s children’s workshop at Waterstones Ringwood

You can buy the book  The Company of Goblins by itself, or with a fabulous Orlando glove puppet, or with fun finger puppets of Izzy and Orlando.