Celia Leofsy

The Company of Goblins the first in a trilogy of children’s books by author and illustrator Celia Leofsy.

The story is based on Teutonic Mythology … part of the rich treasure trove of legend and mythology that is rooted in Anglo-Saxon and ancient Nordic tales, and so powerfully embraced by the brothers Grimm and J.R.R. Tolkein.
In The Company of Goblins Izzy Green and her devoted cat, Orlando, discover the truth about myths and legends, the truth about the most powerful company in the world, and the truth about Izzy’s destiny …
Synopsis – Have you ever wondered what would happen if goblins took control of the most powerful company in the world? IZZY GREEN IS ABOUT TO FIND OUT
They plan to enslave everyone, not through magic, but through our own greed and desires.
Izzy is catapulted into a series of terrifying adventures from falcon riding and exploring secret catacombs to fierce battles in the struggle for power. But she soon discovers the difference between good and evil is not always how it seems. Are the goblins really so bad, or is there something even darker to fear?