Mike Roussel

Mike Roussel has always been passionate about history, especially the stories about ships and aeroplanes, and the men and women who pushed them to their limits.

He is a meticulous researcher who searches out the people who know the subject, most often those who have lived the subject, and then records their spoken stories, truly Living History.

Mike Roussel is the author of the following aviation and maritime titles:

The Wright Brothers’ Story

Daring Women of History: Amelia Earhart

The Quest for Speed

Spitfire’s Forgotten Designer

Pacific Avengers, published by Little Knoll Press

The Union Castle Line: Sailing Like Clockwork (co-authored with Sam Warwick)

Shipwrecks of the P&O Line (co-authored with Sam Warwick)

Shipwrecks of the Cunard Line (co-authored with Sam Warwick)

The Story of Southampton Docks

Southampton Maritime City

And most recently, Palembang and Beyond, published by Little Knoll Press.