Patricia Lennan

Owl at Midnight

a story of Gwenllian the lost Princess of Wales by Patricia Lennan

Gwenllian ferch Llywelyn, daughter of the last native Prince of Wales, was born in Abergwyngregyn, north Wales, 1282, a tumultuous time when King Edward of England was determined to take Wales for himself. After Edward had killed Gwenllian’s father, Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, and her uncle, Dafydd, and had imprisoned her boy cousins, he must have felt some compassion for the infant Gwenllian for he ordered her to be hidden away in Sempringham Priory, her name changed, to live out her days in anonymity.

Taking these few known facts Patricia Lennan has brought the young Welsh Princess Gwenllian to life in a story that expands from the minutiae of prayers, service and fasting in a Gilbertine nunnery, to the wide sweep of extraordinary events in 13th century Britain.

In Patricia’s own words: ‘Wales has a reputation for being a land of myths and legends. She harbours magic in the hollows and hills, in secret places, the rivers and valleys echo with ancient tales. I invite you to step into the living history and share an adventure.’