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Children love Anthony Ridgway’s Wizzy books

“Wizzy is a funny wheelchair with an attitude and your story’s hilarious. Dan is a clever boy, who’s adventurous. James is a kind, helpful and brave boy. Sophie is shy and can get nervous quite easily, and startled. Honey is a very loud, sweet and loving dog.”

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WIZZY and Slime – books by Anthony Ridgway and David Walliams

The WIZZY books by Anthony Ridgway and  Slime by David Walliams both about a boy in a wheelchair.         Slime started as an idea planted by 11-year-old Dante Marvin, who asked David Walliams to write a book about a boy in a wheelchair. David Walliams has dedicated the book, ‘For Dante, the […]

Artists inspired by the New Forest

Three popular books reduced in price on this website. The New Forest Artist’s books (links below) are wonderful to browse through and read, and will tempt you to visit our beautiful New Forest. A Lifetime in Postcards by Gervase A Gregory My Story in Colour by Suzan Houching WELGORA by Alan Langford  

Favourite books for 4 year olds

For World Book Day my granddaughter’s nursery asked the children to dress up and bring their favourite books. I knew what book she would choose – of course it was . . .  The Tiger Who Came to Tea   But as you see, the dress she chose is the one worn by Princess Sofia in . […]

Jack Hargreaves’ favourite books

Jack Hargreaves is best known to us as the face and voice of the television series Out of Town and Old Country. Born in 1911, Jack started his long media career in 1931, writing technical material for Unilever Livestock Foods. He then became a feature journalist for The Express and The Mirror, moving on to […]

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