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Children love Anthony Ridgway’s Wizzy books

“Wizzy is a funny wheelchair with an attitude and your story’s hilarious. Dan is a clever boy, who’s adventurous. James is a kind, helpful and brave boy. Sophie is shy and can get nervous quite easily, and startled. Honey is a very loud, sweet and loving dog.”

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Anthony Ridgway winner of the Barbara Large Memorial Prize

A wonderful and well-deserved surprise for author, Anthony Ridgway, awarded the Barbara Large Memorial Prize at the Hampshire Writers’ Society evening, June 2019. To see Anthony receive news of the award, watch the video by clicking on the photo below – (HINT: The sound is much better on iphone – don’t know why, but if […]

WELGORA – Wickham Horse Fair 2019

Wickham Horse Fair WELGORA (WELGORA is the Romani word for Horse Fair) By ancient charter of King Henry III, 1269 2019 and still an unmissable event!   .. In his book WELGORA artist Alan Langford writes: ‘I have visited Wickham Horse Fair, in Hampshire, more times than I can remember. There has been an annual […]

Children love Anthony Ridgway’s Wizzy books

Anthony Ridgway’s latest story WIZZY and the Seaside Adventure – pure adventure, Enid Blyton-style  – children on their own quest – Wizzy, the talking wheelchair with attitude – animal magic with Honey, the dog – watercolour illustrations by Suzan Houching . What young readers from a Worcestershire school think … Dear Anthony I love the idea of Wizzy […]

WELGORA and Beaulieu Road pony sales

  Autumn, the time of year for the Beaulieu Road Station pony sales, when Commoners and other horse and pony owners gather to sell their livestock by auction. It’s a good place to buy a New Forest filly or colt, to meet friends or simply to enjoy an atmosphere that is as old as the […]

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