A Life Turned Upside Down


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A life turned UPSIDE DOWN
by Nikki Hastings

In 2008 Nikki was at a good point in her life, she had two little girls, one still a baby, and a career that she loved with the Bournemouth Adoption and Placement Services. Then the least-expected happened – she went to see her doctor with a painful hip and within days had a diagnosis of terminal cancer. At the time she was given only a few months to live, but due to her willingness to try new treatments and determination to make the best of her remaining time, her life was extended by years.

Nikki hoped that her book would provide a reference for others who may be facing similar circumstances, for their friends and relatives, and for professionals in the health, adoption and fostering services.

During her illness, Nikki hauled herself out of the darkest times and lived to the full during the better periods; writing a blog for the local paper, raising funds for charity, writing a book about her experiences and, most importantly, applying the ‘Lifestory’ work that she had piloted within the children’s adoption services, to leave a wealth of memories for her children.

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