Wizzy the Animal Whisperer audiobook CD

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David and Sheila Suchet narrate ‘WIZZY the Animal Whisperer’ in character voices. Superbly entertaining. CD supplied in DVD case for easy storage.


DVD case (CD inside)


WIZZY the Animal Whisperer

by Anthony Ridgway


narrated by

David Suchet and Sheila Suchet

The story starts with Dan bickering with WIZZY, the hi-tech wheelchair, about having to travel over the rough cobbles of a farmyard. Little do they know the adventure that is about to unfold.

CD supplied in DVD case

Dan and WIZZY, together with their friends, James and Sophie, take a ride on a cart pulled by Nellie, which is exciting enough. But when they start on the trail of some nasty villains, Dan and WIZZY get into danger. Only WIZZY’s special skills can rescue them.


Anthony Ridgway goes to London for the recording session.

David and Sheila Suchet in the recording booth.

Anthony Ridgway, who has cerebral palsy and is partially sighted, has a wonderful ear for dialogue, which David and Sheila Suchet exploit to its best.

They give different voices to each of the characters in the story, bringing out all the menace, suspense, pathos and humour.

Add music and sound effects, and listening to this audiobook is an immersive experience.

There is also the physical book, ‘WIZZY the Animal Whisperer’, beautifully illustrated by Suzan Houching.

The text of the audiobook is the same as the audiobook, so the two could be used together for reading by children who, like Anthony, have sight or other challenges that make reading from the page difficult.

You can buy the two together from this website and save on postage.

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1 review for Wizzy the Animal Whisperer audiobook CD

  1. Esther, Netherlands

    Esther, Netherlands, who bought the paperback book and CD audiobook of ‘Wizzy the Animal Whisperer’ together:
    I have received the audio CD and paperback from Wizzy the Animal Whisperer in good order. And what a pleasure it has already given! The book and the voices of the Suchet family make it a special and above all enjoyable experience. Thank you very much.

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