Wizzy the Animal Whisperer

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ISBN: 9780992722098  This full colour children’s story is full of adventure and humour. It begs to be read out loud and the wonderful pictures are a joy. At 260mm x 210mm It is just under A4 size and posts as a large letter.

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WIZZY the Animal Whisperer

ISBN: 978-0-9927220-9-8

Author Anthony Ridgway
Artist Suzan Houching

A farm holiday becomes so much more than Dan and Wizzy expect, when a quiet ride down a country lane with their friends, James and Sophie, exposes a mystery.

The team’s detective skills get them into danger and they discover there is more to Wizzy than any of them had guessed.

“Wizzy, the Animal Whisperer made me laugh out loud.”  David Suchet

“. . . funny, imaginative and extremely visual, and the wonderful illustrations by the talented Suzan Houching bring this great story to life even more.”      

Ros Holness

Anthony’s adventure story has a unique take on life – just as he has always been reliant on his wheelchair, the children are reliant on Wizzy’s skills to solve the problems they come across. But it’s not all plain sailing, especially when Wizzy can’t understand the idiosyncrasies of human speech.

With Suzan’s wonderful watercolours the story comes to glorious life, touched with humour and character, adding another dimension to be enjoyed by the reader.

‘Well done to Anthony Ridgway who has published his first book! Wizzy is about a boy and his wheelchair. Anthony has had much support from the local community – as well as actor David Suchet – who was at the launch … ‘   BBC South Today on Monday, 31 October 2016

See the launch with a reading by David and Sheila Suchet – VIDEO

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5 reviews for Wizzy the Animal Whisperer

  1. Catherine S Houching (Amazon)

    Fantastic story and great illustrations, is a brilliant book…well done…

  2. Louie’s Children’s Books

    Louie’s Childrens Books
    If you want a book that is accessible to a wide range of reading ability and helps children understand more about different abilities, then this beautiful children’s adventure story is for you.

  3. David Suchet

    Wizzy, the Animal Whisperer made me laugh out loud.
    David Suchet

  4. Ros Holness

    Funny, imaginative and extremely visual, and the wonderful illustrations by the talented Suzan Houching bring this great story to life even more.
    Ros Holness

  5. Esther, Netherlands

    Esther, Netherlands, who bought the paperback book and CD audiobook of ‘Wizzy the Animal Whisperer’ together:
    I have received the audio CD and paperback from Wizzy the Animal Whisperer in good order. And what a pleasure it has already given! The book and the voices of the Suchet family make it a special and above all enjoyable experience. Thank you very much.

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