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Mr D’s Thermal Cookbook Cookbook has full instructions and more than 80 recipes for thermal cooking – main meals and soups (meat and vegetarian), cakes, breads, puddings, stocks and other staples.

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Mr D’s Thermal Cookbook contains all you need to know about thermal cooking.  The book explains the method for cooking in Mr D’s Thermal Cooker, where, after intial heating on the hob, the food is placed in a vacuum insulated container to slow cook using the preserved heat in the food.  The slow cooking takes place without any added power, making the slow cooker easily transportable and eliminating the risk of food drying out.

The cookbook contains over 80 recipes for soups, main meals, desserts, cakes and bread.  Thermal cooking conserves the nutrients in the food, whilst tenderising meat and saving up to 80% of cooking fuel.  It allows a meal to be prepared quickly for consumption hours later.  A 3/4 full pot will be ready to eat after the regular slow cooking time and will still be hot enough to safely serve up to 7 hours after the initial heating time. A full pot will keep food above 65 degrees centigrade several hours longer.

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4 reviews for Mr D’s Thermal Cookbook

  1. Jonathan Teller-Elsberg (Amazon)

    If you do insulation cooking, nice to have on the shelf.
    This is a helpful companion for insulation aka thermal cooking, especially for those new to the tradition. If you are interested in it, be aware that it is not actually out of print–it’s just that Mr. D does not supply books to Amazon, so Amazon perceives it as out of print. You’ll have to get it directly from Mr. D’s website if you want it.

  2. Debra Davies (Amazon)

    It’s great on the boat

  3. Tonia P. (Amazon)

    Cooked only one dish and it came out just fine. Very new at this

  4. Bristol Rich (Amazon)

    An under rated modern Thermal haybox that is only let down by its price. I’m currently saving money using it at home with as many recipes as i can try out. prior to camping or day sailing and prepared food for all.

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