The Totteridge Institute Letters


Have you ever wondered, as did T.S.Elliot, if  ‘time present and time past are both perhaps present in time future’?  Well if you have, you will find good company in this book that follows the discourse on The Nature of Time between Michael Hobsley and Patrick Riley that took place over the years between 2003 and 2010.

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The Totteridge Institute Letters

by Michael Hobsley and Patrick Riley

The letters show a great depth and breadth of knowledge of scientific, mathematical and philosophical principles, extended by two able and enquiring minds that bring in the expertise of colleagues and friends, all in the pursuit of a fundamental truth – what is the nature of time?  It would be an invaluable companion to those who ponder the nature of time, space, matter, kinetics, gravity, ageing and all things physical and philosophical.

The authors’ description of the book:

‘This volume of the Totteridge Institute Letters comprises a series of more or less integrated discourses on the philosophical puzzles of modern physics in the form of correspondence between two retired medical academics.  The nub of the problem that they discuss is time – whether it exists, its relationship to other dimensions, its significance in shaping the Universe and in the understanding of concepts such as causality.’

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