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Children love Anthony Ridgway’s Wizzy books

“Wizzy is a funny wheelchair with an attitude and your story’s hilarious. Dan is a clever boy, who’s adventurous. James is a kind, helpful and brave boy. Sophie is shy and can get nervous quite easily, and startled. Honey is a very loud, sweet and loving dog.”

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A Christmas story from ‘Jack’s Country’

A Christmas story from the book Jack’s Country – a new edition of the book originally entitled JACK HARGREAVES by Paul Peacock Simon Baddeley recalls affectionately his own first ‘encounter’ with Jack on a magical Christmas Eve: “It would be very personal for me, but because Jack became a particularly public person in his TV […]

What makes your Christmas special? – replies

I’ve had some great replies to my post ‘What makes your Christmas special?‘  With the writer’s permission I am posting one here and will add others when I hear back from their authors. A wonderful story from Cynthia Cunningham Shigo An African Christmas Memory That first Christmas in Togo I recall— A potted palm served […]

What makes your Christmas special?

What makes your Christmas special? Here are some Christmas stories.  Have you got your own to add? In Letters from Manchuria Marion Young writes of a Christmas birth: Faku, 25th December 1936  Christmas morning – grey, dank at 10 to 5 – I shot up in bed, wakened, I was sure by running feet outside […]

Owl at Midnight – the story of the story

Owl at Midnight a story of Gwenllian the lost Princess of Wales by Patricia Lennan ISBN: 9780993507830 The story of the story … When some years ago Patricia visited her uncle’s house at Abergwyngregyn and discovered that this was where the last native Princess of Wales was born, she was intrigued. Shortly after Gwenllian was […]

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