Elephant Bill


Paperback with 2 sketch illustrations and map Published by Peacock Books in 1963

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‘Elephant Bill’ by Lt-Col. J.H. Williams OBE, tells the story of over twenty years in the Burmese jungle, living and working with elephants and their riders.

This fascinating account of Lt-Col Williams’ adventures, and of the remarkable animals under his care, culminates in the breathtaking escape o the XIVth Army Elephant Corps, when in the ace of advancing Japanese forces Williams brought his team of elephants out to India by an apparently inaccessible route.  This feat was described as surpassing Hannibal’s crossing of the Alps.

The film ‘Elephant Bill’ was made on location in the jungle near Mysore during the time when Winifred Tovey and family lived in Mysore.  These times are described in Winnie’s book ‘Cor Blimey!  Where ‘ave you come from?’

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