Anthony Ridgway

Anthony Ridgway is a role model for all of us in that he really does make the best of the abilities that he has.

As Anthony explains in his VIDEO ‘How I Write’, he has cerebral palsy and needs to use an electric wheelchair. He has however excellent hearing, a lively imagination, love for a good story and a ready sense of humour!

This is not to say his journey to writing a book has been easy. Anthony has needed great perseverance and hard work, first with encouragement from his parents first and then joining a creative writing at Eastleigh College under the tutelage of Barbara Large MBE, who founded and ran the Winchester Writers’ Conference, now called the Winchester Writers’ Festival.

Anthony’s children’s stories about Wizzy, the wheelchair, have been described as ‘the best of Enid Blyton and Knight Rider’ but they are much more than that. 

In the video below Anthony explains ‘How I Write’.


The book launch for WIZZY the Animal Whisperer was held at The Point, Eastleigh, on 29th October 2016. David and Sheila Suchet attended and delighted everyone with their reading from the book.

See the VIDEO of the book launch with David Suchet and Anthony Ridgway


More about Anthonys first Wizzy book

WIZZY the Animal Whisperer

Author Anthony Ridgway

Artist Suzan Houching

A farm holiday becomes so much more than Dan and Wizzy expect, when a quiet ride down a country lane with their friends, James and Sophie, exposes a mystery. The team’s detective skills get them into danger and they discover there is more to Wizzy than any of them had guessed.

Wizzy, the Animal Whisperer made me laugh out loud.David Suchet

“. . . funny, imaginative and extremely visual, and the wonderful illustrations by the talented Suzan Houching bring this great story to life even more.Ros Holness

Anthony’s adventure story has a unique take on life – just as he has always been reliant on his wheelchair, the children depend on Wizzy the wheelchair’s skills to solve the problems they come across. But it’s not all plain sailing, especially when Wizzy can’t understand the idiosyncrasies of human speech.

With Suzan’s wonderful watercolours the story comes to glorious life, full of humour and character, adding another dimension to be enjoyed by the reader.

Watch a VIDEO of Suzan and Anthony working on the next book


Anthony and Suzans second book

WIZZY and the Seaside Adventure

was launched on Saturday 14th July 2018

at The Point, Eastleigh,

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