Wizzy and the Seaside Adventure – a children’s book by Anthony Ridgway and Suzan Houching

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ISBN: 9780993507878  This full colour children’s story book is full of adventure and humour. It begs to be read out loud and the wonderful pictures are a joy. At 260mm x 210mm It is just under A4 size and posts as a large letter.

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WIZZY and the Seaside Adventure

ISBN: 978-0-9935078-7-8

Author Anthony Ridgway
Artist Suzan Houching

Wizzy and the Seaside Adventure is the second published book by Anthony Ridgway and Suzan Houching.

The author, Anthony Ridgway, who has cerebral palsy with sight impairment and writes using a special computer programme, and artist, Suzan Houching, bring together a brilliant story about Dan and Wizzy, the argumentative, hi-tech wheelchair.
        This time, a day at the seaside for Dan, Wizzy, James, Sophie and their dog, Honey, becomes an unexpected and risky quest. The team follow a gang of rogues into a spooky church to track them through a secret passage and eventually bring them to justice. This is an adventure that tests Wizzy and his friends to the limit.
         Wizzy and the Seaside Adventure has suspense, surprise and humour, especially when Wizzy takes everything that the children say literally and slows down their progress.

        No children’s book should be without illustrations and Suzan’s characterful watercolours really bring the story into wonderful life.

‘Anthony Ridgway has done it again. Wizzy and the Seaside Adventure is funny and intriguing, with stunning illustrations from Suzan Houching.’
David Suchet

‘Children will love the collaboration between Dan and Wizzy, the irascible, hi-tech wheelchair, as they join in a scary adventure with James, Sophie and their dog, Honey.’

Barbara Large MBE
Senior Lecturer Creative Writing
Honorary Fellow University of Winchester
Chairman, Hampshire Writers’ Society

       The Wizzy books could be likened to Enid Blyton for pure adventure and ease of reading, and to Harry Potter because of the wizardry of Wizzy the wheelchair. The large format book, carefully chosen fonts and wonderful pictures by Suzan Houching mean that this book can be read and appreciated at different levels, early readers following the storyline with the aid of the pictures and more advanced readers enjoying the language play of the dialogue, especially when Wizzy cannot understand the idiom of what the children are saying.

         This book is by its very nature inclusive. Wizzy the wheelchair is a believable and funny character, and Dan, who needs to use Wizzy to get around, makes best use of his ingenuity, good memory and intelligence, just like the author, Anthony. 

Watch a video of Anthony and Suzan working on the book – VIDEO

Find out how Anthony writes using a special computer programme – VIDEO

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2 reviews for Wizzy and the Seaside Adventure – a children’s book by Anthony Ridgway and Suzan Houching

  1. Christine Arnold

    A modern children’s adventure with a twist
    Wizzy, the talking,cheeky wheelchair and his owner, Dan together with two friends, are joined by a dog this time. Can the children find out who the thieves are? Secret tunnels, a fearsome pirate and a clifftop rescue make this a cracking modern day adventure using technology in the form of Wizzy’s amazing abilities. This is the second book in the Wizzy series and every bit as enjoyable as the first one, Wizzy the Animal Whisperer.The illustrations are brilliant so would appeal to younger children as well as the 7-9 year olds who are the target readers.
    Christine Arnold

  2. David Suchet

    Anthony Ridgway has done it again! Wizzy and the Seaside Adventure is funny and intriguing with stunning illustrations from Suzan Houching.
    David Suchet

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